Competences – Main Focus

Our main focus is based on public law, especially commercial administrative and procurement law.

In the area of procurement law we represent – depending on the subject of the tender – either the contracting authority or the bidder which is interested in the contract. In both cases we use our knowledge of the way of thinking and working of the other side. We accompany primarily tenders of supplies and services and of concessions, with the main emphasis being on rescue services, broadband tenders and also on IT-tenders (including numerous presentations and lectures). We also handle tenders in the area of building works.

On the one hand we accompany the public contracting authority with the procurement procedure as such: we will make your procurement procedure a success, starting with the planning of the procedure followed by the creation of the tender’s documents up to the award of the contract by avoiding conflicts and saving resources as much as possible. We will structure your processes and we will implement your demands with the required amount of creativity so that you will find the most suited contractor.

On the other hand we accompany bidders when participating in a procurement procedure: we will support you with the tender preparation and provide full support until the procedure has successfully finished. Should your success be threatened, for example by an appeal of a competitor, we will ensure the enforcement of your claims by filing rebukes and review procedures or lawsuits with the procurement chambers or in the courts. We will remove any unfair advantage your competitor would get from the contracting authority. Like this we were able to gain several principal decisions. Furthermore, we will always be focused on the economic and strategic aims of our clients.

State aid and state subsidies law gets more and more important for our clients, either in the context of public procurement matters or independently thereof. We are committed to accompany you in enforcing your rights and in defending you against repayment claims.

In the field of administrative law we work mainly for public institutions. We advise and represent you in procedures on principle legal questions, particularly in conflicts between communal corporations.

In civil law we support our clients mainly in complementary fields of law, particularly in construction and architectural law, in contract law and in civil procedure law. Our team is specialised in giving you multi-disciplinary support in complex cases, which also includes cartel law issues.

The academic standard in our work is highlighted by our numerous publications and comments on laws, through presentations at seminars and conferences but also by lectures at private educational institutions. Like this we intensively take part in the further development of law. Dr Christian Braun and Katrin Zwetkow have obtained the qualification as specialised lawyer for procurement law (and also partially shape such courses as lecturers). In 2018, the Commentary "Concession Procurement Regulation including Procurement Statistics Regulation and special provisions", edited by Malte Müller-Wrede and Dr Christian Braun, has been published by the Bundesanzeiger-Verlag, Cologne; both Dr Baun but also Ms. Zwetkow are co-authors. In addition, we are involved in the training of junior lawyers, paralegals and interns.