Dr. Christian Braun

Specialised Lawyer for Procurement Law
Specialised Lawyer for Administrative Law
Lecturer at the University of Leipzig


Education and professional activity

2019, 2020 Dr Braun ist listed in a ranking in the "Wirtschaftswoche" as one os the most renowned public procurement lawyers.
2018 Lecturer at the University of Leipzig
2017 Mediator
since 2016 Lecture block at the FU Berlin in procurement law
2015 Lecturer at the German Lawyer Academy for the qualification of specialised lawyer in procurement law
2015 Specialised lawyer for procurement law
2014 Training to gain the qualification as Soft-Skill-manager in the business sector at the research institute for legal information management GmbH – institute attached to the Distance University of Hagen
2014 Founding partner at the law office Braun & Zwetkow in Leipzig, specialised in procurement law, commercial administrative law, general public law
2007 Contributor to the magazine Vergaberecht (procurement law)
2007 Lecturer at the academy for public administration of the Free State of Saxony
2007 Founding partner at the law office Braun & Rieske in Leipzig
2004 - 2007 Partner at the law office Stapper & Korn in Leipzig
2002 Examiner for second legal state examination
1998 Examiner for the first legal state examination
1997 Specialised lawyer for administrative law
1995 - 2004 R Lawyer and later partner at the law office Beiten Burkhart in Leipzig
1995 Second legal state examination
1995 Studies at the university for administrative sciences in Speyer
1992 - 1995 Secondary employment at the law office Redeker Schön Dahs & Sellner
1992 - 1995 Legal clerkship in Cologne and Dresden
1991 - 1992 Research assistant in the civil law department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1991 - 1993 PhD-thesis “Promotionsrecht für Fachhochschulen?” (“Right to award doctorates for universities of applied sciences?”)
1991 First legal state examination
1986 - 1991 Studies of law at the universities of Bonn and Linz (at the Danube)


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Working group for administrative law at the German Lawyer association
Working group for procurement law at the German Lawyer association


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